Topic: half of the planet – mobile phones for internet

Computers, Internet and mobile phones – those are an indispensable part of our modern lives. We are so dependent on the technology that even the slightest tech problems (remember Skype blackout?) can cause damage on economics, transport, even life. The last decade has been pretty intense technically. More than two billion people are using the Internet compared to the 400 million ten years ago. The cellphone subscriptions have also risen to 5 billion – five times more compared to the 1 billion subscriptions in year 2000, according to the International Telecommunication Union. Five billion subscriptions don’ t actually mean five billion users, but I think it ’ s safe to say that nearly half of the planet uses mobile phones. On the other hand, 2.08 billion people use the Internet – 940 million of those have mobile broadband subscription, while 555 million have a fixed one. The world’ s population is on the verge of reaching 7 billion. The tech invasion is nowhere near its end and it won’ t stop until every single person on the Earth is connected in some way. This is the part where you put your tin foil hats on, ok?