Topic: Harrison's Rheumatology - 2010 - 2nd Edition


        In 2006, the first Harrison’s Rheumatology sectional was introduced with the goal of expanding the outreach of medical knowledge that began with the first edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, which was published over 60 years ago. The sectional, which is comprised of the immunology and rheumatology chapters contained in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, sought to provide readers with a current view of the science and practice of rheumatology. After its introduction, we were gratified to learn that this sectional was being utilized not only by young physicians gaining their first exposure to rheumatology, but also by a diversity of health care professionals seeking to remain updated on the latest advancements within this dynamic subspecialty of internal medicine.With this edition of the Harrison’s Rheumatology, it remains our goal to provide the expertise of leaders in rheumatology and immunology to all students of medicine who wish to learn more about this important and constantly changing field.
        The aspects of medical care encompassed by rheumatology greatly impact human health. Musculoskeletal symptoms are among the leading reasons that patients seek medical attention, and it is now estimated that one out of three people will be affected by arthritis. Joint and muscle pain not only affect quality of life and produce disability, they may also be heralding symptoms of serious inflammatory, infectious, or neoplastic diseases. Because of their frequency and the morbidity associated with the disease itself, as well as the therapeutic modalities employed, rheumatic diseases impact all physicians.


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