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        Harrison's Neurology In Clinical Medicine - 2nd Edition


        The first edition of Harrison’s Neurology in Clinical Medicine was an unqualified success. Readers responded enthusiastically to the convenient, attractive, expanded, and updated stand-alone volume, which was based upon the neurology and psychiatry sections from Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Our original goal was to provide, in an easy-touse format, full coverage of the most authoritative information available anywhere of clinically important topics in neurology and psychiatry, while retaining the focus on pathophysiology and therapy that has always been characteristic of Harrison’s.
        This new edition of Harrison’s Neurology in Clinical Medicine has been extensively rewritten to highlight recent advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurologic and psychiatric diseases. New chapters discuss the pathogenesis and treatment of headache, the clinical approach to imbalance, and the causes of confusion and delirium. Notable also are new chapters on essential tremor and movement disorders, peripheral neuropathy, and on neurologic problems in hospitalized patients. Many illustrative Neuroimaging figures appear throughout the section, and a new atlas of neuroimaging findings has been added. Extensively updated coverage of the dementias, Parkinson’s disease, and related neurodegenerative disorders highlight new findings from genetics, molecular imaging, cell biology, and clinical research that have transformed understanding of these common problems.
        Another new chapter, authored by Steve Hyman and Eric Kandel, reviews progress in deciphering the pathogenesis of common psychiatric disorders and discusses the remaining challenges to development of more effective treatments.

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