Topic: Harrison's Gastroenterology And Hepatology - PDF

        Harrison's Gastroenterology And Hepatology - 2010

        Dan L. Longo, MD
        Anthony S. Fauci, MD

        Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (HPIM) has long been a major source of information related to the practice of medicine for many practitioners and trainees.Yet in its aim to cover the broad spectrum of medicine, the book has become nearly 3000 pages in length and is pushing the envelope of “portability.” HPIM has spawned several offspring tailored to diverse uses for sources of medical information. The entire book plus a large cache of supplemental visual and textual information is available as Harrison’s Online, a component of McGraw-Hill’s Access Medicine offering.
        A condensed version of HPIM, called Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, has been published in print format suitable for carrying in a white coat pocket and in several electronic formats (PDA, Blackberry, iPhone). A companion to HPIM that serves as a study guide for standardized tests in medicine, HPIM Self-Assessment and Board Review, is an effective teaching tool that highlights important areas of medicine discussed in HPIM.
        Harrison’s Practice is another electronic information source, organized by medical topic or diagnosis with information presented in a consistent structured format for ease of finding specific information to facilitate clinical care and decision-making at the bedside. All of these products retain the broad spectrum of topics presented in the HPIM “mother book” in variable degrees of depth.


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