Topic: Bates - Pocket Guide To Physical Examination And History Taking

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        Bates - Pocket Guide To Physical Examination And History Taking - 6th Edition

        Lynn S. Bickley, MD
        Peter G. Szilagyi, MD, MPH

        The Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 6/E is a concise, portable text that :
            Describes how to interview the patient and take the health history
            Provides an illustrated review of the physical examination
            Reminds students of common, typical findings
            Describes special techniques of assessment that students may need in specific instances
            Provides succinct aids to interpretation of selected findings
        There are several ways to use the Pocket Guide :
            To review and remember the content of a health history.
            To review and rehearse the techniques of examination. This can be done while learning a single section and again while combining the approaches to several body systems or regions into an integrated examination (see Chap. 1).
            To review common variations of normal and selected abnormalities. Observations are keener and more precise when the examiner knows what to look, listen, and feel for.
            To look up special techniques as the need arises. Maneuvers such as doing an Allen test are included in the relevant sections of the examination and highlighted by a shaded blue-green bar.
            To look up additional information about possible findings, including abnormalities and standards of normal.
        The Pocket Guide is not intended to serve as a primary text for learning the skills of taking a history or performing a physical examination. Its detail is insufficient for these purposes. It is intended instead as an aid for student review and recall and as a convenient, brief, and portable reference.

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